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Education Technology Fair 2018

For the first time in Kerala, in Kochi will host the “Education Technolgy Fair 2018. Education Technology Fair event will curate 100+ leading education and technology companies who will present experiential and innovative products and solutions. The three day Educational Technology Fair will showcase products and technologies from the most inventive startups and established Education Technology companies from across India. The exhibition is free-to-attend for schools, universities and students and Parents and will offer a chance to connect with these exhibiting companies as well as engage in free workshops, demos and speed learning sessions on the exhibition floor from leading experts.

WHY Choose this Education Technology FAIR ?

Save time and money.
Instead of fragmenting the market, this is one event where ALL of education comes one time, under one roof. Meaning that you don't need to travel to lots of smaller events to connect with your clients and find new prospects.

Face-to-face Discussions

Lets you to have your first discussion with new prospects face-to-face.

Hands-on with products

Encourages prospects to get hands-on with products

Evaluate Products

Allows prospects to use all five senses to compare and evaluate your products

Instant feedback

Facilitates two-way communication and instant feedback

Build Relationships

Enhances relationships with existing customers

Lead Generation

Generates lots of qualified leads


The fair is where the testing, networking and product interaction happens. With technology changing so rapidly, and some concepts difficult to visualise, how do you keep up? Fair is an answer.


Teaching,Training and Learning
Learning Games and Apps
Educational content and media
Robotics, STEM, coding
Augmented Reality
Big Data & Analytics
3D Printing


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